Cold Weather Plumbing Tips

With winter in full swing, now is the perfect time for homeowners to take the necessary steps to protect their plumbing from cold temperatures. If your plumbing is not properly protected, you could be looking at costly repairs due to freezing pipes and other problems that arise from cold weather. 

Here are some tips to help you protect your plumbing during a cold climate. 

Insulate Your Pipes 

One of the best ways to keep your pipes from freezing in the winter is by insulating them with foam or rubber insulation sleeves. This can be done easily by measuring the length and diameter of your pipes and then purchasing insulation that fits these measurements snugly. Of course, if you want to skip the hassle of a DIY project, be sure to contact professionals for assistance. 

Drain Outdoor Faucets 

If you have any outdoor faucets, it’s important to ensure they are completely drained during the winter months. When water freezes inside a pipe, it expands and can cause it to burst, leading to significant damage if left unchecked. To avoid this problem, it’s best to drain all outdoor faucets before temperatures drop too low. 

Know Where The Shut-Off Valve Is 

Knowing where your home’s main shut-off valve is located will come in handy if a pipe does freeze or burst during a cold snap. A shut-off valve should always be accessible so that if an emergency does arise, you can turn off the water supply quickly without having to search for it first. It’s also important to note that this valve may be located outside, so make sure you know where to find it. 

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